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Adnix – Responsive Premium Admin Template

Adnix Premium Admin Template is a unique dashboard with features like Order, Revenue, Shopping, Sales visits, monthly revenue, and performance tracking. Bootstrap Admin dashboard template. We have developed this admin template by unique and minimal look of the CRM’s software. Bootstrap 4 latest with SASS. Adminse Admin Dashboard Template a clean way to use the design for your dashboard projects. This can be used for admin dashboard Applications for your online applications.

Adnix Admin Dashboard – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template Dashboard Web Application. Admin Theme panel for backend design and UI interface of your Web apps. The Admin HTML template can be used for online applications and software. Clean, Modern, New, Creative look for your application. This comes with SasS. A combination of Revenue, Orders, Visitors.

Adnix Admin Dashboard is a Fully responsive admin Dashboard Template for Data, Reports, analytical & eCommerce concept, and theory. The Dashboard shows how much your store sales were in the current month

Notification and Sales Volume are creative new features.

You can track and analyze your job statistics from our HTML template plugins and widgets. Modern looking HTML Template on Bootstrap 4 latest platform.

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Why you should choose our Adnix Premium Admin Template?

Our Admin Templates comes with many benefits and advantages that are provided below:

Comes with 24 Dashboard variations

Adnix Bootstrap Admin Template comes in 24 elegant versions. They include Dark, Light, Full width, Fixed, Boxed, and other unique versions. You can check out the demo for more information.

Increases Speed & efficiency

When you work with our Adnix Admin Panel the task of creating, redesigning, or redeveloping a website becomes simple and easy. Because you only have to modify the already pre-defined code, which will increase your efficiency and speed by completing the task in lesser time.

Less Coding Knowledge required

If you are a developer who has limited knowledge in coding languages like HTML, CSS, etc and you are just building your coding skills. Then our Premium Admin Template would be a perfect choice as they eliminate the tough coding part and make the work of website construction and maintenance easy. So even if you have less experience with coding you can go with our Adnix admin template.

It is Flexible

Our Adnix Admin Templates comes with a wide variety of pre-built customization options that can help you work according to your needs and requirements. Hence it is flexible and can fit all the business requirements. This will help you to grab a large number of opportunities.

Mobile-friendly and Responsive

Our Adnix Responsive Web Application Kit is mobile-friendly and responsive due to which it looks equally good on all kinds of screens from small viewports of smartphones to high-resolution screens of desktops. Also, a mobile-friendly template becomes very important and helpful when you need to make urgent modifications and your laptop or PC is not available with you.

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Adnix – Dashboard Admin Templates comes with Mailbox. The mailbox enables you to communicate professionally with people.

Chat App

The Chat app of the Adnix Admin Dashboard UI Kit makes it easy for you to interact with fellow members of your business.

TODO Checklist

The todo list page of Adnix Bootstrap Admin Template contains Upcoming tasks, In progress tasks, Complete Tasks, and 3 different styles of boxes.


Adnix Bootstrap Admin Templates comes with Calendar with draggable events. You can also add new events with timings and date.

Contact List

Adnix Admin Templates has a Contact List App where you can see all your contacts with Move, Sort by and Labelling options.


The  Login & Error section of Adnix Admin Panel has two further sections Authentication(includes pages such as Login, Register, Lock Screen, and Recover Password) and Miscellaneous(includes pages such as Error 405 Erro 500 and Maintenance)

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The utilities Section of Adnix Bootstrap Admin Template includes Grid System, Badges, Borders, Buttons, Colors, Dropdown, Dropdown Grid, Progress Bars, Ribbons, sliders, Typography, Tabs, Timeline, and Horizontal Timeline.


The Card Section of Adnix Admin Templates includes User Cards, Advance Cards, Basic Card, Color Card, and Card group.


The Icons Section of Adnix Premium Admin Template includes Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Material icon, themify icon, Simple Line icons, Crypto coin icons, Flag icons, and weather icons.


The component section of Adnix Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates includes Draggable Portlet, Bootstrap Switch, Date Paginator, Nestable, Advance media, Range slider, Rating, Animation, fullscreen, and Pace.


The Form section of Adnix Bootstrap Templates includes Default inputs, Material inputs, success inputs, warning inputs, error inputs, Combine inputs, Custom checkboxes, Custom radios, Password strength, Form layouts, Color picker, Date time selector, Select picker, Upload buttons, Form Validation, Form Wizard, Code Editor, Markdown, Xeditable Editor, Formatter, and Pre-made Forms.


The Table section of Adnix Responsive Web Application Kit includes Simple color, Data color, Editable color and Table Color.


The Adnix Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates comes with ChartJS, Morris, Sparkline, Flot Chart, Inline Chart, Data Chart, Bar Chart, Pie & Doughnut Chart, jQuery Knob, Apex Charts, and more.

User Pages

The User Pages of Adnix Bootstrap Templates comes Invoice, Invoice List, Support Ticket, User Profile, FAQs and extra Pages.


The Widgets section of Adnix Bootstrap Admin Template includes Statistic, Chat, Social, Weather, Blog, Chart, List, Social widgets, Pricing tables, Coming soon, Live Chat, Toastr, Modals, ad Maps.


The eCommerce section of Adnix Premium Admin Template includes Products, Products Cart, Products Edit, Product Details, Product Orders, and Products Checkout.

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