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Hi, I’m Dipesh Patel and the aim of my blog page is to extend the valuable thoughts, tips and tricks related to the current market trends, business, education, mobile phone industry, sports and the ways that can allow any person to run a successful business online. With years of experience in the online marketing and Information Technology industry, I personally have an in depth knowledge and vision about different trends prevailing in the market, and thereby I would be addressing problem’s of different people regarding my area of expertise.

How did it happen?

Few years back, when I was googling for some interesting and valuable stuff that can help me in the development of a website, I came across an article that titled, “Buy my lessons & grow your business”. (Don’t worry, I am not asking you to buy at my site!) It was the time, when the thought of blogging clicked in my mind, and I was inspired to start it as a leisure time job.

The experience was one of its kind that I count as highly valuable for my career growth. Primarily, I focused on the Information Technology related areas, but later I started focusing
on other issues including spirituality, sports, mobile phones and so forth. Within a month, I was enjoying the popularity that I didn’t imagine some time back. For my excitement, blogging started generating income for me; and that was the time when I dedicated a fixed duration of time to this “hobby turned income” business.

Why Dipeshpatel.com?

The main purpose of this site is to help people in enhancement of their skills in different areas including blogging itself, and to allow them to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences regarding different social, technical and other issues. Moreover, here different bloggers can interact with each other to team up, discover and grow their blogs in a forum area. You can also subscribe to the site, enter as a guest and comment for different RSS feeds. I believe, its going to be a great and enjoyable experience for you as well, and you would be able to get some valuable information in respect of different challenges that you have been facing. Moreover, drop your queries and get the replies by experienced gurus to take advantage from the best.

Join me at my site, and enhance your skills and knowledge through the valuable thoughts that have been shared by experienced bloggers!

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