WordPress Calendar Plugins

Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins for 2019

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins can be used to schedule and organize small or large events such as conferences, parties, family get-togethers, sports events and more. You may have a website completely devoted to events and booking for events, or you can add a calendar to an existing website and schedule events and enable bookings from there.   The Events Calendar   ...

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Contact Form Plugins

Top 5 Popular Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The Contact Us or Contact Me pages are among the most visited pages on any website. It’s the best way to connect and communicate with each other. And thus, lacking a contact page on your website can mean a huge loss in contacts and business opportunities. To avoid such problems refer to these Contact Form Plugins, it will help you ...

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WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins In 2019

If you are coming up with solutions on how to monetize your website, these free WordPress Affiliate Plugins are a fantastic way to make it happen. While Amazon might be one of the most widely popular affiliates, there are a whole lot of other options available for every niche your blog is all about. Roughly said, almost every successful business offers ...

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Social Media Sharing Plugins

Best jQuery Social Media Sharing Plugins

If you’re not running a WordPress blog, then social sharing plugins might be out of your reach. While there’s plenty of those available for free download, there’s also plenty of jQuery plugins for social media sharing and social optimization.   Socialite     Not many social sharing widgets talk about the performance load that they put on the site. It’s ...

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WordPress plugins

10 Useful Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins that helps you to boost your website performance. Try them after checking their review, comments and last updated dates. 1. Google Analytics WD 2. Featured Audio 3. MotoPress Restaurant Menu 4. WP Theme Changelog 5. Transcoder 6. Templify 7. Zerif theme+MotoPress Page Builder Integration 8. Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce 9. Visitor Map 10. Easy Testimonial Rotator

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Best 20 Magento extension

The best 20 Magento extension in this page we add this Below extension.More point by point data can be found in the download link button and Easy to use and Intuitive interface 1. Magento Google Tag Manager Integration This extension enables you to coordinate Google Tag Manager to your site. All you have to incorporate Google Tag Manager is to ...

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WordPress Plugins

Popular WordPress Plugins

A list of the best Free WordPress Plugins for Contact Form, Yoast SEO, WooCommerce and other Most use plugins. So, whether you simply want to make a website to promote your business and the services you offer online, or you need to create a website with a fully operational online booking system, these Plugins will provide you everything you need. ...

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Free Twitter Widgets, Feed & Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

Social media platforms are taking over the masses and you should too make advantage of it. Twitter is one of the leading social platforms, it is imperative that you embed an icon or have its timeline displayed on your website. This increases your retweets and your Twitter presence. WordPress is a brilliant CMS that will embed code for twitter tweets, ...

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