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Best JavaScript Frameworks

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks 2019

JavaScript is often abbreviated as JS and is used to power the interactive content/media on a page. JS helps you do more with your content so you can offer your users- animations, contents relevant to them based on certain parameters, and special graphics. This is used far and wide by websites and global companies for a variety of purposes. Thus ...

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Best Blogging Platforms For Where to Launch Your Next Blog

Choosing between the best blogging platforms in the market can be tough for those just getting started with blogging. There is a huge number of options out there, with each providing a set of not-so-different features. Here’s a list of the best blogging platforms available today, plus what makes them different from one another. Six of the best blogging platforms ...

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6 Reasons Why you Must Switch to HTTPS

You should know that the two most popular protocols used for communicating between users and web servers are HTTP and HTTPS. What’re the main differences between the two? If your website uses the HTTP protocol, all the exchanged data can be read (and modified!) by third parties (Internet Service Providers, network administrators, hackers). Using HTTP is like sending an important ...

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Google Map Plugins

Google Map Plugins for your Website

Google Maps are very useful these days in contact forms which showcase the correct location of the business or a place of interest. Modern Google Map plugins just require your location input to mark the point properly as it will automatically connect with the live map details from Google. 1. Simplified Google Maps 2. Advanced Google Map 3. Progress Map ...

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Helpful Dreamweaver Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

1. Overview – What is Dreamweaver??? Learn how Dreamweaver CC is the all-in-one visual development tool for creating, publishing, and managing websites and mobile content. 2. 10 Useful Dreamweaver Tips & Tricks For Beginners 3. Stages of Web Design Learn about the key stages in a web project including planning your content, wireframing your design, creating web pages, and publishing ...

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Blog and Business two separate road maps

Not each site profits. Furthermore not each blogger needs to. That is fine. Be that as it may in the event that you’re blogging with the trust of profiting, and you’re at present getting or nothing for your exertions, you may need to quit thinking about your “blog” and begin thinking about your Business. A few bloggers will say that ...

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