LCD Monitor & LED Monitor

Difference Between LCD Monitor & LED Monitor

Lcd stands for liquid crystal display and led stands for light emitting diodes. Both LCD and led are new technology than CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors.

The fluorescent lights in an LCD TV are always behind the screen.

On an LED TV, the light emitting diodes can be placed either behind the screen or around its edges.



Led have the following features

  • Use emitting diodes at back for displaying anything on a screen.
  • Better quality picture than LCD.
  • You can watch the screen clear by viewing from any angle.
  • Thin than LCD.
  • High price than LCD as it contains more features and is also new technology.
  • Better display of black areas.
  • Led lifespan is more than LCD.

Lcd has following differences than led

  • Use cold cathode fluorescent lamps for displaying picture.
  • Better in picture quality than CRT monitors and less quality than led.
  • In LCD monitors, you have to keep an angle at straight or at 30 degrees in front of the monitor to see it.
  • Thicker than led.
  • Low cost than led.
  • Dark areas are not displayed prominently.
  • Lcd lifespan is less than lead.
  • Mercury is used in LCD manufacturing and so it is good for the environment.

So now it is up to you that what technology you want to use. Now you know what is the differences between LCD and led.