Visual Studio Code

Top Free Extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is a free, open source code editor that is gaining in popularity. It’s very lightweight, flexible and yet still packs some powerful features. Plus, it supports just about every major programming language, including PHP, JavaScript, C++ and a whole lot more. GitLens   While Git functionality is already built into VS Code, GitLens aims to “supercharge” ...

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Collaborative Productivity Tools for Designers

Best Collaborative Productivity Tools for Designers

As the number of designers and developers who work remotely is increasing, so does the number of collaborative work tools that are helping designers to communicate with co-workers and clients, in a prolific and good manner. Managing reports and doing real-time design editing, and other things are now becoming accessible to do online through a variety of tools built specifically ...

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Website Builder for SEO Software

Top Website Builder for SEO Software

When you bring your project online, it is important to have website builder for SEO to be safe and secure. And the website development services should also ensure SEO compatibility. Your website’s performance in search engines will, from now on, be of the highest degree because here we bring you the Top Website Builder for SEO Software that you can ...

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Flat File CMS

Top Flat File CMS

A flat file Content Management System (CMS) generally stores site data in a simple text file, thus cutting down on latency and improving site performance. It also assists in customizing data structures, easier portability and the ability to scale. Therefore here we will showcase Top Flat File CMS.     1. Bolt Bolt offers number of choices for online publishers. It ...

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