Flat File CMS

Top Flat File CMS

A flat file Content Management System (CMS) generally stores site data in a simple text file, thus cutting down on latency and improving site performance. It also assists in customizing data structures, easier portability and the ability to scale. Therefore here we will showcase Top Flat File CMS.



1. Bolt

Bolt offers number of choices for online publishers. It enables administrators to assign user level to specific types of content, while developer level for settings and template tweaks. Also this is an open source available for free with all of its core code available on GitHub.

2. October CMS

October is based on Laravel. It features low-key templating and utilizes the Twig template engine, making theming a straightforward experience. Also one can integrate files from AWS or other cloud-based services. October CMS is free and an open source.



3. Statamic

Statamic is one of the most renowned flat file systems. It is also based on Laravel PHP framework, that offers features from, built in forms, to powerful media management to version control via git. Statamic has a library of third-party themes and add on that allows you to extend site functionality.


4. Kirby

Kirby is all about customization. Here you can find some distinct features, such as the ability to use Markdown, version control and a built-in REST API. Kirby also works with other data sources – including databases.



5. Grav

Here the admin panel is optional. Like WordPress, it is also capable of a multi-site installation – meaning one can run multiple websites at one instance. Grav includes the ability to write content in Markdown or HTML, add custom fields, posts types or taxonomies, and works with the Twig templating engine.


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