6 Reasons Why you Must Switch to HTTPS

You should know that the two most popular protocols used for communicating between users and web servers are HTTP and HTTPS. What’re the main differences between the two? If your website uses the HTTP protocol, all the exchanged data can be read (and modified!) by third parties (Internet Service Providers, network administrators, hackers).

Using HTTP is like sending an important letter in an unsecured envelope. In contrast, using HTTPS is like sending important documents by courier, in a safe which only you and the receiver have the combination to.

Six inarguable reasons why EVERY website should move to HTTPS.

1. Google Chrome Marks all HTTP Websites as “Not Secure”

2. SEO Boost

3. It’s Very Easy to Hack an HTTP Website

4. Preventing Data Tampering

If you use an HTTP connection, internet service providers, or WiFi Hotspots can inject their own ads (and malware!). if you use an HTTP connection, it’s very easy for governments and Internet Service Providers to spy on the content your visitors are viewing.

5. If you Use HTTP, Google Analytics May Show the Wrong Data

Google Analytics is a great web analytics service. But, did you know that if you have an HTTP website, it may classify some Referral traffic as Direct and lead you to the wrong conclusions?

6. HTTPS is the Future of the Web

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