Bootstrap Admin Web App

Responsive Bootstrap Admin Web App – Lion with Admin Dashboard UI Kit

LionResponsive Bootstrap Admin Web App basically designed for the developers who want to customize it. It can be used by developer developing web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, business website, corporate, portfolio, blog, etc.

It comes with 13 awesome Dashboards to try different styles at once. It comes with RTL, Dark & Light Sidebar, 13 New Dashboard, 80+ Page Templates, 600+ UI Components, Lots of Chart Options, and much more.

More than 100+ features and with widgets and plugins are included here to make your work easier.

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Bootstrap Admin Web App

Main Dashboard

Lion – Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates comes with Main Dashboard. It includes Sales Difference Between Two Sites, Store Traffic, User Likes, Monthly Sales, Join Members, Top Advertisers, Top Products Sales, Quick Email, Blog Post, Site Traffic, and More.

Crypto Dashboard

Lion – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin comes with Crypto Dashboard. It includes Date Based Data graph, Stock Data graph, Latest Transactions, Balance, clock, Market price change section, and More.

Real estate Dashboard

Lion – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard comes with Real Estate Dashboard. It includes Ongoing Projects, Complete Projects, Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, Daily Inquiry, Booking Status, Revenue Statistics, Resent Inquiry, Project Sales, Quick Email, And Calendar.

Hospital Dashboard

Lion – Bootstrap Admin Templates comes with Real Estate Dashboard. It includes Patient count, Encounters, Appointments, Radiology, Prescription, Referral, NEW patient data, OPD patients data, Radiology details, Appointment calendar, Current Vitals, Hospital Growth, Hospital Earning of the Day, Patients In, To-Do List, and More.

Education Dashboard

Lion – Premium Admin Template comes with Education Dashboard. It includes Daily Attendance Overview, Calendar, News Feeds, Task manager, Birthday Today, Quick Email, Collection of the Day, To-Do List, Fee reports, Social Media Feed, and More.

Analytical Dashboard

Lion – Bootstrap Admin Template comes with Analytical Dashboard. It includes Area With Time Based Data, Gauge With Two Axes, 3d Pie Chart, Sales Difference, Top Advertisers, Top Products sales, Quick Email, Blog Post, and More.

Dark Dashboard

Lion – Dashboard Admin Templates comes with Dark Dashboard. It includes New Users, Today Invoices, Open Issues, New Projects, Sales Difference, Top Locations, Recent comments, Recent Sales, Yeary Sales, Direct Chat and More.

Horizontal Nav dashboard

Lion – Dashboard Admin Template comes with Horizontal Nav Dashboard. It includes SVG Path animation, Sales Analytics, Analysis, Yearly Growth, Tasks, Overdue, Issues, Features and More.

RTL Dashboard

Lion – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template comes with RTL Dashboard. It includes Top Products Sales, Top Advertisers, Impressions, Monthly Sale, New Users, Sales Difference, Social Media Feed, Join Members, Monthly Sales, User Likes, Store Traffic, Site Traffic, And More.

Mini Sidebar Dashboard

Lion – Admin Templates comes with Mini Sidebar Dashboard. It includes Users, Invoices, Article, Income, Area Chart, Top Locations, Monthly Data, New Users, Monthly Sale, Impressions, Quick Email, and More.

Mini Hover Sidebar Dashboard

Lion – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template comes with Mini Hover Sidebar Dashboard. It includes Stacked/grouped Multi-bar Chart, Yeary Sales, Revenue, Orders, Analysis, Increase In Page Views, Monthly Growth, Analysis, and More.

Dark Sidebar Dashboard

Lion – Bootstrap Admin Web App comes with Dark Sidebar Dashboard. It includes Website Traffic, Sales Growth, Radar Chart, Cpu Load, Browser Stats, Today’s Data, Analysis, Increase In Page Views, Site Visits, And More.

Boxed Dashboard

Lion – Admin Templates comes with Boxed Dashboard. It includes Pending Items, Task Status, Budget, Risks, Tasks, Overdue, Issues, Features, Blog post, and More.

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