Where should you host Your Blog?

As soon as people to decide to start blogging, the first thing that they need to think about is where they are going to host the blog. There are many different ways through which an individual can hold his or his blog. One of the questions that come to mind initially is whether the blogger should host the blog himself or pay someone else to host it. Once a blog has been created, the second factor that needs to be figured out is what the web space will be where the blog should be published.

There are different ways through which blogs can be hosted. The first is the full blog host, where the blogging software or system is provided for and the blog is published by the host. This is similar to creating a website. The second way to host a blog is through hosted blog software. Through this mechanism, the blog software is provided to the blogger but the blog pages are published to a different web site or a different web host. The software thereby acts like a phishing system and it creates nicely formatted blogs. Another mechanism through which blogs can be hosted is through blog software where blogs are hosted on the blogger’s web server. With this, the blogger can install the blog script software to their web server.

There is a wide array of choices of hosting providers in the market today that bloggers can choose from for hosting their blogs. These providers specialize in hosting blogs and the prices they provide are really cheap and competitive. The best way to decide on the hosting provider is to compare a number of different providers and then choose the best one. However, the decision about where the blog should be hosted is important.

If a blog is hosted to the web site of the blogger, then it is beneficial for the blogger’s site search rankings as all the links that the blogger gets end up increasing the importance of the website. This can hence be a good decision for where the blog should be hosted. However, the blogs could also be hosted elsewhere to a separate web site or a different web space. Through this, if someone is to search for the blogger, there would be more search results displayed instead of just one.

The problem in this analysis remains that the blogger still is confused about where the blog should be hosted. In my opinion, the blogger should consider other factors that are not related to search results in making this decision. Therefore, I believe that the blogger should consider the content of the blog in deciding where to host the blog.

If the content that is displayed on the blog is good and appeals to the readers then it does not matter where the blog is hosted. It could be hosted on the blogger’s own website or on a different one and would have to be hosted through a detour; but if the content is good, then readers will automatically come to the blog irrespective of where it is hosted.