Best Ways To Boost WordPress Speed & Performance

Research proves that the average human attention span on the internet is 7 seconds and that number keeps dropping every year. As a website owner, this means that your website’s content must fully load in less than 3 seconds or risk losing your potential customer. In essence, speeding up your WordPress website will attract more traffic, customers and revenue.


Choose a decent web hosting service that supports WordPress

The quality of your WordPress hosting service is also important. Shared hosting services pile multiple sites on the same server which causes very slow and unreliable hosting.

Caching for WordPress Websites

Another great way of boosting WordPress speed is by caching. WordPress works by rebuilding your page to satisfy the user’s intent.

Optimizing video size for WordPress

Many internet users prefer to watch videos as it is more time saving and convenient. Having videos and images on the content of the WordPress page will boost engagement, but only if they load and play quickly.


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