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5 Best Search Plugins for WordPress 2019

Did you know that the default WordPress search engine isn’t really that effective like the rest of WordPress? Although the search is available as a function in WordPress, it does not search custom post types and taxonomies. Thus, thankfully there are a host of awesome plugins that will help you implement a powerful search solution in your WordPress site, with varying degrees of specificity. And for this we have a list of 5 Best Search Plugins for WordPress for you.


1. Site Search 360

If you want to offer users a site search experience that’s fast, unlined, and looks great while doing it, you should go for Site Search 360. It’s an easy-to-use tool that takes just moments to implement and at once improves your user-experience and article/product findability.

2. WPSolr

WPSolr is a plugin for big websites. It is mainly designed to optimize the speed of a search query. It has the search functionality, similar to Amazon or eBay. Facets are used to filter your search results. Sorting functionality is implemented, which is easily configured in the admin panel.

3. Smart Ajax Product Search

Smart Ajax Product Search is a powerful and convenient search plugin for WordPress with a solid stability and compatibility. With it you can allow your guests to search by all sorts of different aspects, like SKU, product variations, custom fields, product attributes and more.

4. Swiftype Search

Swiftype is a WordPress VIP approved advanced search plugin, with amazing features such as search query autocomplete drop-down menu, drag-and-drop interface for reordering the search results in the SERP and powerful search analytics.

5. Ivory Search

With Ivory Search, you can set up unlimited search forms and have the ability to showcase them pretty much anywhere on your page. From headers and footers to sidebars, navigation and widget’s area, even posts, Ivory Search works everywhere. Also you can exclude specific content from search results and have complete control over the search function on your website.

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