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WordPress Free Plugins of Google Map

Are you planning to include Google Maps on your WordPress site? There are a lot of free Google Maps plugins accessible for WordPress which makes it hard to know which one is the best. In this article, we will showcase to you some of best free Google Maps plugins for WordPress.
Google Maps for WordPress are very important these days generally in WordPress contact structure which showcase the right range of the business or a position of interest.

1. Basic Google Maps Placemarks
This version allows you to create Google map with quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.

Easy to use, no coding required, you can edit your map markers with the help of clinking on the button nothing much, it contains 9 themes, you can also add animations into map markers, Restrict a store locator search by country, No advertising or links and create a map in less than a 30 seconds!

1.Basic Google Maps Placemarks(1)

1.Basic Google Maps Placemarks(2)
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2. Google Maps CP

Google Maps CP permits to insert a Google Maps in a post or in any of the WordPress templates that shows numerous posts.

The module is fit for managing large volumes of dots or markers, Allows to display a bubble opened by default, taking into account Google Maps JavaScript API Version 3, permits to install Google maps in various dialects.
2.Google Maps CP(1)
Permits to embed the Google Maps in the best position inside your site or associate the geo location data to the post however without showing the Google maps.
2.Google Maps CP(2)
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3. Google Maps Widget
This map shows a single picture, fast loading Google map in a gadget, it is a large map available with all great features.

3.Google Maps Widget(1)
It is auto-adjusted on smaller screens and full screens, map mode contains place with directions, search, view & street view and type are road, satellite, terrain and hybrid.
3.Google Maps Widget(2)
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4. WP Google Map Plugin
A responsive map with Multi-lingual and multi-site support and you can create unlimited locations, maps and display. These features make it very advanced plugin compared to others.

4.WP Google Map Plugin(1)
It has an ability to display number of Google maps on a single map, sub categories supported, create unlimited maps and display on posts/pages using short code, add unlimited locations using an easy to use interface for Google Maps, redirect to URL on marker click or display info window message and create 100% responsive maps.
4.WP Google Map Plugin(2)
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5. Geo Mashup

This plugin gives you a chance to spare area data with posts, pages, and different WordPress objects and can be presented on maps in different ways.

4.WP Google Map Plugin(3)
Use different map providers: Google Maps v3, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet
Clustering of markers for Google maps and your location can be saved for all post types including pages.

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6. Maps Builder – Google Maps Plugins

This plugin really can build just about any kind of map you can imagine, flexible, robust, and easy to use.
A live map with easy position map markers, set themes, directions, and graphics on the map and you can customize everything from map themes, markers, icons, scrolling, zooming, width & height, controls, map types, layers, languages, and more.

6.Maps Builder Google Maps Plugin(1)6.Maps Builder Google Maps Plugin(3)6.Maps Builder Google Maps Plugin(2)

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