Using a Free Blog Website

Blogs are extremely popular today. A blog is a web site or a part of a web site that is maintained by an individual with entries that are regularly updated. Blogs can provide personal opinions, descriptions of events, and even graphics or videos. The entries placed on blogs are usually maintained in reverse chronological order.

There are many different types of blogs, including personal blogs, corporate and organizational blogs. Blogs also differ by genre, media type and device. Personal blogs are the most commonly maintained today. Personal blogs are diaries or journals that are maintained by individuals. Blogs are extremely easy ways to communicate ideas or provide reflections or opinions. Corporate and organizational blogs are purely for business purposes. Blogs can therefore be used by large or small corporations for internal communication and even for external marketing, branding or public relations purposes. Blogs are also divided into different categories through genre, media type, and device.

Creating a free blog is extremely easy and is similar to creating a web site. There are just a few things that need to be paid attention to when creating a blog. The difference between a blog and a website is the way in which the content is displayed. Creating a blog post requires a database and server-side scripting. However, one does not need to learn these technologies in order to create a blog. One can easily create a blog through the various blog builder websites that are free. Websites such as Blogger (, weebly (, TypePad (, LiveJournal (, and thoughts ( are some of the popular websites that allow users to create and publish their own blogs. Using web sites such as these allows bloggers to simply log into the website, choosing their favorite design and then adding the content that they wish to be displayed on their blog. These options are extremely popular with amateur bloggers. However, these can lead to problems in the future.

In free blogging web sites, when a person signs up for the services, he in unable to get his pwn domain name. Therefore, if the blogger in the future decides to get his own domain name, the old link that he had which was not his own will not be linked to the new one. Thus, users who wish to find blogs through a search engine will encounter errors of the “Page not found” type.

Another problem with creating a free blogging web site is that the service that allows for these free service are in total power to alter or delete any of the information that is shared on the blog. Thus, if the blogging service were to go out of business, a blogger will find that all of the blogs that he has maintained have been lost and he would need to start all over again.

Therefore, in using a free blogging web site, bloggers must at least make sure that they are getting their own domain name. There are web sites that provide such services free of cost, such as ZappyHost. Through such web sites, bloggers are able to register their blogs with their own domain names.