Search Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Search Plugins for WordPress 2019

Did you know that the default WordPress search engine isn’t really that effective like the rest of WordPress? Although the search is available as a function in WordPress, it does not search custom post types and taxonomies. Thus, thankfully there are a host of awesome plugins that will help you implement a powerful search solution in your WordPress site, with ...

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Instagram WordPress Themes

5 Most Viral Instagram WordPress Themes to Build a Huge Following

With over, a billion active users, Instagram is one of the most trending social networking services. Full of articles advertising products and eye-catching images, it is well known for promoting businesses, products, and services. Are you looking for merging both your Instagram and WordPress site ? Then the following list of 5 Most Viral Instagram WordPress Themes will help you. ...

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Best WordPress Hosting Services 2019

  1. SiteGround SiteGround provides free PCI compliance, premium wildcard SSL certificates, WordPress staging, plus advanced caching. And is recognized as one of the best WordPress hosting providers. Also you can get a user-friendly cPanel-based control panel for account administration. 2. DreamHost DreamHosts servers, utilize SSD storage as opposed to HDDs. Then the data centers that hold them, are spread ...

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Best JavaScript Frameworks

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks 2019

JavaScript is often abbreviated as JS and is used to power the interactive content/media on a page. JS helps you do more with your content so you can offer your users- animations, contents relevant to them based on certain parameters, and special graphics. This is used far and wide by websites and global companies for a variety of purposes. Thus ...

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