Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is an art; getting people to visiting your website takes practice and needs you to strategize about. So what are really effective ways of marketing your articles? The obvious thing to do is getting noticed on-line through social networking and affiliation to article directories.

Social networking: This means get onto Twitter, Hi-5 and Facebook. Be a member of these social networks and connect with people, not just friends but other people. Build up your social network and use the features on these networks such as group pages and fan pages to get your articles out there and linked to your website. Social networks get you noticed and ensure that you’re posting your links to people so that they can hit your website.

Don’t underestimate how much social networking can help you; the Facebook and Twitter phenomenon are huge and people always want to connect with other people. When you have the social network, you have a ready and available audience that you can link to your website.

But don’t skimp on quality. If you want to keep your readers, make sure your articles are up to scratch. Keep putting out the good stuff otherwise the following you have from your social networking will diminish and die out. So use the options like group pages and fan pages to get the links to your articles out there; but don’t spend so much time article marketing that you don’t write good articles. Once you develop a following, maintain that through your articles.

Article Directories: These are websites like Ezine where you can create an account and post your articles on these websites. A lot of people hit these websites for reading articles. They have monthly traffic of about 15 million hits. So what you need to do is get an account, set up, post your articles and let surfers get to you through this. But remember, your articles must always have a resource or bio box with information about you as the article writer and has a link to your website. If you don’t have this information in the post, people won’t know who wrote the article and how to get more of your articles. With these websites, you should always keep posting articles about the niches you write about; the more articles you have, the more you appear in the searches that readers do on article directories.

Again, in order to create a following, you need to keep churning out good articles and if people like an article on one niche and your writing, they’ll take the time to click away to your website for more of your writing. This is how you’ll develop your following. In a way, the article directory is similar to social network websites but restricted to article writing; readers can connect to writers and go to their websites just like social networkers can connect to websites through social network feeds.

It’s really all about making your on-line presence felt and multiplied. Sign up for social networking and to article directories. And don’t forget to keep writing quality articles. In no time, you’ll build your list and get great traffic to your website for your articles.