Cyber Security

5 Cyber Security Practices to keep your online business safe

Cyber Security your online business is crucial if you want to protect your business, your team, and even your customers. The problem is, many online business owners feel that their organization is not big enough to warrant a cyber attack.


1. Always Run a Backup   


You should always run routine backups of your business’ data and store that information in a secure offsite location.


2. Use a Spam Filter


Phishing emails are one of the most common cyber attack methods. They are also the easiest to fall for because they can be so convincing.


3. Prepare for Mobile Devices


Nowadays it seems like everyone has a mobile device of some sort on them at all times. If it’s not a mobile phone, it’s a smartwatch, tablet, laptop, or even a fitness tracker.


4. Require Two-Factor Authentication


There will be times you or your team make a mistake when it comes to security, no matter how much education you provide.


5. Invest in Professional Security Services


Sometimes buckling down and securing every aspect of your business is beyond your scope of knowledge and technical skill.


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