Web Design Templates

The Clean Web Design Templates

These templates are clearly geared towards the ease of use of a clean, unblemished and immaculate website design. These Web Design Templates are the most popular for a clean, simple website is a trend nowadays. If you want to promote your brand, then use Simple Website Templates below. So you’ll have the opportunity to choose.

1. The London Loom


The London Loom mainly design to create a community for people who love textiles and making things with their hands as much as they do. Here you get a platform to enjoy beautiful materials and proper equipment that works well and is a pleasure to use.

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2. Act Normal


Act Normal help brands with marketing, branding, and innovation. It is best for startups or industry giants from the seed of an idea to the meteoric launch of their product.

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3. McKennaJones


At the beginning of every project, we begin with a blank sheet of paper. No pre-sets. This way, we always know what we do for you is absolutely fit for purpose.

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4. GreenHouse Agency


GreenHouse Agency is a growth-driven, digital marketing agency. It is here for you to create a profitable lead generation and sales channel.

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5. Future of Design


Everyone talks about the importance of design in start-ups. More than 400 companies responded to our request for help understanding their perceptions, practices, and predictions.

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6. Outside Envy


Outside Envy has a unique design with the same common theme – durability, comfort, and style. Just Choose your fabric, find your fit. Outdoor furniture designed here for you.

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7. HiveBoxx


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8. UXDOTS Digital Agency

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9. HIGH45

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10. Texas Thread Republic

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11. Gravity Creative Space

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12. Ilustrique by Henrique Ricardo

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13. Cup Cuff


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14. Revols Wireless Earphones

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15. Menghi Shoes

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