Design Resources for Sketch App Designers

Best Design Resources for Sketch App Designers 2019

Sketch is a professional tool for designing for Apple users. At first, you may think that Sketch is just an another tool for editing images, but you can use Sketch also for creating highly complex designs. So let us find some Best Design Resources for Sketch App Designers.



1. Files Downloaded Sketch


Files Downloaded is an on-boarding template for an organization wishing to use a welcome screen for explaining its users what the application is about, and provide them with ‘enter’ button to access the app.

2. Stats UI


Stats UI is about understanding how statistics work and incorporate it through code. This notion is meant for apps that would like to recap statistics of a particular area of the business.

3. Calendar Sketch


You need to save some time and get this modern concept of calendar from Sanja Zakovska. It uses a red and compact color scheme. Here you will be able to work according to your own choices.

4. Location Card


Location Card is for travel websites, offering deals on holidays or traveling packages to its customer. It has a concept of displaying a background image of the location that is being offered, and a nice ‘card’ cover to discuss the trip in detail.


5. Music Player

First you need to investigate into the design capabilities of the concept, and then you will be able to execute it, into a fully functional mobile app which will attract some listeners. Use it as standalone, or create it alongside an existing app that focuses on media.


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