Android Mobile – Better Than The Others Or Just Another Hype?

There is no doubt that the Android facilitated cell phones are one of the superlative technological advancements made in the recent years in the mobile tech market. In a short span of time, the android mobiles have taken a top spot in becoming the most popular and most favorite for masses of mobile phone users all over the world because of their spectacular benefits and features. In addition, the fact is that the android cell phones are far superior in the field of mobile technology because of the capabilities that these hold. Most of the other mobile phones run primitive real time applications as these phones are using OS of Google Android which is an open source software and also act as a platform.

Advantages of Android Operating System Mobiles

•    Power

The power that the Android comes with is out of the ordinary. With such unthinkable power these; android operating system mobiles can also compete with the speed of smaller notebooks. You can perform many functions as it becomes easier to multitask because with these mobile phones you can get power and efficiency of a laptop.

•    Applications

The applications for the android operating system mobile phones are one of the great features associated with these smartphones. The mobile user has the opportunity of choosing from a widespread range of applications. They can also customize the Google Android platform. You can download any mobile application from the Android market as all of them are compatible. This way you can personalize your handset.

•    Proficient of working on all websites

The Android mobiles hold the capability of running numerous websites that you run from your personal computer which is not available to the users of some of the conventional cell phones.

Why Android Mobiles?

Here are some of the features that might excite you.

  • Layout of the handset

The traditional Smartphone layouts along with other VGA, 2D as well as 3D graphics can be readily adapted by Android.

  • Storage

All the information is stored by Android using SQLite.

  • Connectivity

A widespread variety of technologies are supported by Android such as Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE, WiFi and EV – DO, which you will not find in Apple iPhone.

  • Media Support

A broad range of audio media, video media and still formats are supported by Android such as MPEG – 4, OGG, AAC and others.

  • Messaging

With Android mobiles, Multimedia Service (MMS) and Short Message Service (SMS) will be available to you as well the threaded text messaging such that your messaging fun never stops and you are able to send as many texts as you may please.

  • Web Browser

The Web Kit application is always pre loaded in Android; however, you do have the facility of switching it out for something else if you do not like it because the Google Android backend has an open source nature.

  • Additional Hardware Support

Outside hardware such as GPS, accelerometers and other fun stuff can be fully utilized by Android so that you can put your touch screen to its full use.

  • Java Virtual Machine

Dalvik Byte codes can be used to compile the software written in Java which can then be put into a Dalvik Virtual Machine.