How to transfer SSL Certificate

by Dipesh Patel on March 24, 2015

A very common topic when you move you website from one server to another is How to Transfer your SSL from the provider to a new host/hosting company. I would like to explain this with the help of a scenario. Let’s take an example of 2 hosting companies. Hosting Company A – (Your SSL is [...]

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Toyota Mirai

by Dipesh Patel on December 30, 2014

Mirai remains for “future” in Japanese, and it genuinely turns into Toyota’s claim that ‘what’s to come is here’. The Mirai is the Japanese carmaker’s first large scale manufacturing hydrogen-force power module auto and it comes following 20 years and a huge number of dollars worth of interest in innovative work. So the inquiry remains, [...]

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Volkswagen Vento facelift

by Dipesh Patel on September 24, 2014

Volkswagen launched Vento facelift. The car is best in it’s segment and this time it will get more attention. The features are not listed as of now but surely Volkswagen will come up with some executive features. Increase sales is primary focus and Vento should make this happen this time. All eyes are on the [...]

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Taigun sub-4m SUV

July 19, 2014

Volkswagen may come up with a compact SUV version in India. Taigun sub-4m SUV is similar to other compact SUV’s however, the company has not decided to launch anything soon. Pricing is important factor for car makers to consider at the moment to survive in current auto industry. Image credit:

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Honda Mobilio India

July 17, 2014

Honda India may launch it’s low budget SUV or Family SUV Honda Mobilio in India on July 23 2014. This car has promising future and Honda India is happy with the response. Customers are waiting for this variant to come out in the market after the success of Honda Amaze. Like earlier Honda Mobilio is [...]

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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

May 3, 2014

Maruti Suzuki to launch Ciaz in India. The car expected price: Rupees 7.25 – 10.50 lakhs and will be launching late 2014.

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How to Print a Skype Chat online

April 6, 2014

Step 1: Log into your Skype account using your screen name and password. You can login on your PC or Laptop. Click your recipient under “Contacts.” Step 2: You will see conversation options. 1 Week, Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and Beginning. Click “From the beginning” to display previous Skype chat messages. Right-click the message [...]

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Safe Vehicle Driving Tips

April 6, 2014

Adjust your seat so your arms are slightly bent at the elbows when gripping the wheel. Keep your hands at the ten o’clock and two o’clock or nine o’clock and three o’clock  positions on the steering wheel. Hold the wheel tightly enough so your palms do not slip off. Adjust side mirrors so you can [...]

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Bhakti from Yogivani

January 9, 2014

Bhaktni vruti kevi hoy? 1 akho satsang divy lage. 2 potana dosh kadhava tan rahe. 3 bhagvanna santno apar mahima samje. YOGIVANI. Jay swaminarayan.

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How to disable automatic updates on other apple devices

December 28, 2013

Just found this option after wondering why my devices are updating apps. Go into Settings, iTunes & App Stores and look for the “Updates” option below automatic downloads. If you’re on an iPhone or cellular-capable iPad, a “Use Cellular Data” option can also be toggled off from here to force your updates to download only [...]

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Popular Quote

December 5, 2013

“સત્સંગ મા ટકી રહેવું હોય તો સત્સંગી એ પાંચ ગુણ જીવન મા ધારવા પડશે- નમવું, ખમવું, મન ગમતું મુકવું, ઘસાવું અને કટ વળી જવું….” —-પ.પૂ.પ્રમુખ સ્વામી મહારાજ—

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