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New WordPress Galleries & Plugins

Here we presenting the best and latest WordPress plugins options for Gallery that give professional results and cover a wide range of features. While WordPress comes with a built-in gallery feature, the default gallery lacks the functionality and aesthetic appeal that most users want. That’s why there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a gallery option for your site.

1. Responsive Swapping Photo Wall


Responsive Swapping Photo Wall is a simple fast plugin used for generating a responsive photo wall that automatically and randomly swaps images at a certain speed. It is fully responsive and easy to use.

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2. Iks Post Grid


Iks Post Grid is a WordPress post grid plugin that provides a powerful customizable system. It is perfect for blog posts, portfolios, projects, team showcases, image galleries or any other custom grid content.

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3. Apple TV Image Effect Plugin


Apple TV Image Effect plugin will give a great parallax effect to your images. Place any number of images within the plugin and then put on your web page to make the page live. Upload up to 3 images and you will see 3D parallax effect.

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4. Desire Slider v1.2 | Gallery Module for Gmedia plugin


Desire Slider v1.2 Swipe is a responsive gallery media plugin with the native fullscreen mode. It is very simple to use and provides an easy sorting system.

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5. Hexa Gallery for Visual Composer


Hexa Gallery is a hexagon based gallery with cool animation and features. It is easy to use with the beautiful zoom on hover effect and blur on hover effect.

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6. WP Gallery Evolved


Extend WordPress Gallery options with WP Gallery Evolved, after installing, some new settings will be added to Gallery Settings allowing you to take responsiveness control over the gallery columns.

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7. Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox

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8. Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin

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9. Cubik v1.4 | 3D Cube Gallery Module for Gmedia plugin

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10. Post Gallery Pro For WordPress

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11. Image Contest Gallery System

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12. Instagram feed – photo & video gallery for WordPress

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13. Mona Pokedex – Pokemon Go knowledge base WordPress plugin

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14. Creative Image Gallery for Visual Composer

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15. FAT Image Gallery For WordPress

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16. Photo Book – Page Flip Book for Visual Composer

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17. Ultimate Before After Slider for WordPress

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18. Before-After MultiX Slider

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19. Infinite Scroll WordPress Social Photo Gallery Plugin

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20. PhotoTravlr v1.11 | Gmedia Gallery WP plugin module

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