Make your own list by writing articles

If you are looking for article marketing, then list building with the emails of the readers of your articles or the visitors of your web site will allow you another easier option to get the traffic to your web page. And you also link your page with the article page by creating opt in leads. This building of email lists will allow you to contact with those users when you have something new in your business web site which may make them interested. This list building is become so popular in modern times. It is because article marketing is chiefly to drive traffic to your products page or business home page. And to drive the traffic you need to do a lot of articles regularly and submit them to the article directories. This will increase traffic in your web site, but there is no constant number of users or customers you can achieve from this. So to make some more traffic you could use a page of customer or visitors registration from which you can collect the emails to build your own list. As a result you can contact with them or send invitation to visit your web site when you will have new item in your web site for your customers.

The article marketing is the number one thing to do if you want to increase the traffic to your web site. All you need to do is to write articles about your products or your business related items and submit them with a little link at the end. This link will be your own email address and the web site URL. When anyone likes your article then he will want to contact with you to get more information or help. And if he contact with you by sending mail to your email address then you can collect his email address from there. But most of the people will follow the link you have provided at the end of the article and visit your web site to get more help or information. So you can create a page or options for visitors’ registration. When they have done registration you will get the email address of them. You can also use a link to your page with the article directory page by creating opt in leads. So when anyone clicks on this he will be redirected to your web site.

But to speed up this article marketing process you have to make effective plan. And in that case you have to use as many article submissions as possible to different article directories. And one large article directory can provide you thousand visitors. At the end of the each article use the web link and the email address of you. And ask them to contact with you for further any information and any kind of help. Readers when clicks on this link and redirected to your web site with the options created before you can collect their email address so that you can contact with them.

The question is why you need to build this type of lists? What are the benefits you can get from them?

And one word is enough to answer these questions. That answer is driving more traffic and article marketing. By collecting the emails of the readers or the customers you can build a list of thousands people. That means thousands visitors or traffic. You can contact with them when you have something new. You can take there opinion about your web site and your company’s service. You can also run survey through the email list to find out what the possible things they like. What are the products they like to know about? And then use this information to update your articles. Provides these facilities in your web site. Then contact with them via email. And inform them what changes you have made with an invitation to visit your web site. Thus you can motivate a constant amount of people or users to your web site. And the more you will keep contact with them, the more chance of getting new customers for you. So it is the main importance of building your own list by writing articles. For article marketing you can’t find any better idea for getting traffic.