9 Rules for Effective Email Marketing

There are many factors which work behind the success or failure of any online marketing campaign. One of the effective methods used in internet marketing is email marketing. At first email sounds very easy method but in fact it is not easy it is thought to be. These days, internet user adopts many different ways to filter unwanted emails. They use online tools provided by the email providers to filter the emails. You may obtain auto email sending software and auto responders but mail send from these software usually go to junk folder of your customer email. To make an effective one need to follow some simple rules.

Rule 1: Subject line is like a net of a hunter either it catches your target or it losses and go to junk folder. Subject should write in a way that it grip your customer’s mind other wise it’s fate, you know better about that.

Rule 2:  Content of your article is more important than anything else in email marketing because most of the people press the delete or junk button without even opening the email which is coming from any unknown source. Make your email personalize, address the person by his name and not only by “Hi” or “Hello”, these two words often tells a reader that one email for thousands of receivers and sent by some bulk email sending software.

Rule 3: Do not, do not spam. Today every body is aware of spammers and use filters. You may get in trouble if your address reported spammer at numerous times.

Rule 4: Design of your email should match your blog or your site so when your reader see your mail, he immediately remembers about your site as well.

Rule 5: Always give option to unsubscribe from you mailing list. Provide link at the end of your email. Informing your reader that he or she has subscribed and agreed to terms & conditions of your site at such and such time is always a good idea and put a positive affect on the reader.

Rule 6: Landing page from your email to your site should be exactly the same about you which you were telling to your reader in the email. It should give all the details which your email content is promising to your subscriber.

Rule 7: Sending too many emails to your subscriber or sending repeated emails are always treated as junk regardless of the quality content or the quality of the product or services you are offering in your email marketing. Avoiding repetition will make an email campaign successful.

Rule 8: While preparing email, often people do not care about spelling and grammar whereas it is an important. It reflects about your professionalism and your enthusiasm about the product.

Rule 9: Create an understanding and relations. You are not just sending an introduction to any specific product or about your blog or about your self. This is first between you and your subscriber in creating a long lasting relationship.

By applying above simple rules to your email marketing, you can make it profitable which is not giving you any up till now.