We owe a great deal of thanks to a cash cow which helps us earn a good amount of some extra money known as the Internet. The amount of money that you can earn online basically depends on the amount of time you spend on the net and the effort you put in. to help you further here are some exciting great ideas which can work in your favor and help you gather some supplementary bucks.


Blogging is perhaps, the most favorite way of those passionate closet writers who would love an opportunity to get their work published and move forward on their way to earning wealth. Starting your own blog is simple and does not require you to have all-embracing technical skills. Nevertheless, it does require you to have comprehensive skills in writing. With blogging you can write paid reviews tempt and attract advertisers plus you get to promote individual’s and/or companies’ products for commissions. A good maintained blog can attract lots of visitors to your site and increase your chances of earning bigger better profits.

Paid Writing

It is usually difficult for people who can not spend hours on the internet, to maintain their blogs. Do not be disappointed if you are one of those because paid writing is the right idea for you to explore and exhibit your love of writing. You can write articles for different blogs and sites. Websites such as Helium, Weblogs and PayPerPost can be fruitful destinations for you where you can indulge yourself in your writing passion and get paid.

E-Book Writing

Another method in this regard is to write an E-book. E-books do not require any cost for printing or shipping. Moreover, with a good command over languages you can also opt for the copy editor post for any webmaster that will pay you for correcting language errors in several articles.

Webinars and E-tuitions

The market for E-tutors is wide. Hence, if you think that you possess teaching capabilities than this is your thing for landing some extra cash in your pocket. E-tuitions require you to have expertise in your relevant subject(s) and spare a few hours every week. You can enroll yourself in any of the e-tutors webs site such as Tutor.com, SmartThinking, TutorVista and E-tutor. Begin from being an e-tutor and after building the right experience you can promote yourself to conducting a Webinar. A Webinar is a lecture or a seminar which is conducted over the internet. Several students pay well for an entry to a well-reputed and well-respected Webinar.

Buying / Selling Domains

Another method of exploring your knack of buying / selling is to buy domains at very inexpensive rates or at their registration prices and sell them at a fairly higher price. This requires a little bit of investment and very little of your time. In order to get an estimate of the hottest and most demanded selling names, it will always be wise of you to do your bit of research on domain auction web sites.


For people possessing good skills in sales becoming an affiliate or a reseller can be a ticket for earning that supplementary income they have been looking for. Becoming an affiliate will mean that you will get commission for selling the products that you promote. This can be done via a personal web site or other selling and reselling website such as EBay. Owning the product that you are promoting and selling is not required. You can register yourself for any affiliate program with a company.


This is perhaps a piece of cake of every owner of a website or a blog. The simplest form of earning bucks which requires you to sell space for advertisements on your web page, web site or blog. When the visitors of your website/blog click these ads you get paid. The placement and sorting of these ads is free. You get pay-per-click advertisements but the amount of money that you earn from them basically depends on the level of traffic of your website and more significantly, on the cost per click and clickthrough rate.

Freelancing For Professionals

There are numerous websites of freelancing and those project oriented websites offering professionals who hold the expertise their specific fields with a comprehension of ensuring customer satisfaction, to describe their projects and get paid in turn.

GPT Program

For individuals who do not possess any kind of skill set but still wish to get their hands on some supplementary income, the Get-Paid-To website is their key to wealth. All you have to do is sign up for free websites, newsletters, playing games and filling out online surveys and by doing all this you will get paid in return. This can earn you a good pocket money especially, if you are a teenager.

Making Themes

For web designers or people who possess capabilities of web designing and coding, designing and developing web themes can get additional money in your account. The online world is demanding online presence more than ever before. Depending on the rights and features that your theme or template embeds you can work up the bucks accordingly.

Online Marketing

Once a website is created and optimized for SEO, they require SEM services. Marketing a website can earn you a treasure. Online marketing for any website would require articles marketing, forum posting, writing press releases, blog posting, social bookmarking, submitting you website to directories and other such tasks. Conducting SEM for website will get you paid.

Selling Photographs

For photography enthusiasts, this is the perfect idea of receiving the additional welcomed money by doing what you love. You will require a good camera and good photography skills. Once you have taken the photo(s) you can then sell them to any of the many photo stock agencies.

Forex / Stock Trading

When you are working for this, you should always start small because it does contain a bit of a risk factor. Once you have gained the right experience you can then earn from exchanging foreign currencies and stocks. You can also become an adviser to many people who seek online advice before investing in the trading system. More importantly, you should have the right know-how of the fluctuating rates that depend on various factors such as economical and political influences, supply and demand and others.

Support and Service

If you have the expertise of web coding then a great way of earning those complimentary bucks is by providing coding and/or fixing the issues of other Webmasters. This may require you to carry out a simple task like adding a script or other tasks such as setting up websites. Furthermore, you can also offer support for Web Content Management Systems.

Selling Your Brand

For people who think that they have the knack for designing cool and attention-seeking images, this is the perfect idea for you to make money over the internet. Your designs should be able to be fitted and printed on a product such as T-shirts, Mugs, Bags and any other product. When each product with your design is sold, you receive commission.

Virtual Assistant

You can become a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home by working for any small business enterprise. Your job will be to perform any administrative task. You can interact with their clients via your telephone and/or online. You will be paid according to your expertise and of course the company you work for.

Post Videos

If you have the passion for film making or you think you are much of a dramatic actor, musician or a comedian and hold the ability of capturing the audience you can upload your videos on websites like YouTube. The amount of money that you will receive depends on the amount of ads that are displayed on your video page.

Building Applications

Applications are becoming a must have as the demand for smart phones is increasing rapidly. Developing an application for such a phone or any social networking site then selling it will earn you smiling cash. You can have best profit margins depending on the popularity of your applications.

Inbound Call Center

You can work for a company that is outsourcing its work to an inbound call center agent. This part-time or full-time job can be carried out by setting up an inbound call center at home where you will be responsible for handling clients.


Many people look for researching agents because they do not have the appropriate time for carrying out their research. You will be required to spend a few hours per week and do the research jobs for them . Many organizations will also pay you to conduct the general market researches.

Writing Medical Transcriptions

Transcription jobs involve jotting down the oral material which is dictated by the doctors and other medical experts and developing written copies for them. Nevertheless, for this job you will need to know the medical terminology and have the ability of typing accurately in a rapid speed.

Selling on eBay

EBay is one of the most widely used consumer sites. The process is simple. All you have to do is sell any product to other users of the website and earn money in turn.

Read Emails

Many companies pay you if you sign up for their surveys and emails. All they require you is to read the email and tell them what you think of it. It is their way of getting an insight on what their potential consumers will respond.