Why is my Blog’s Revenue so Low?

People who blog often wish to earn some extra money in the process but sometimes find them unable to do so. Hence they wish to think of the various ways through which their blog’s revenues can improve. It is not true that blogs cannot generate much revenue; in fact, they can generate just as much money as any other website can. Increasing blog’s revenues is not difficult. There are many different ways through which one can increase the revenue that blog’s can earn.

The main issue that people face because of which their blog’s revenues are low is that they concentrate on larger markets instead of narrowing the scope of their blog’s appeal. People need to make sure that they are focusing the scope of their blog on issues for which there is not already a lot of competition. For instance, someone who is maintaining a blog that is like a personal diary should know that there are billions of other similar blogs around and hence the increased competition means that the individual blogger’s revenue will be low. Therefore, in order to raise more money, blogger should try to concentrate the focus of their blog on smaller markets, which are also known as niche markets. Through this, it will not only be easier for blogger to develop traffic, but also that they will be able to get higher costs per click, more common referred to as CPC. This is because advertiser’s demand would be greater than the publisher’s supply.


Another thing that blogger need to focus on is that should have an exclusive selling point so that the readers can read something that is extremely precious and it not widely available to be read up on the internet. This helps in increasing the count of returning visitors and hence is able to raise revenues for blogs.
Moreover, blogger should channel ads because by doing this they will be able to measure the performance of the ad blocks. Blogger should make sure that the format and display of their blogs is extremely appealing to readers. Therefore, they should experiment with different colors so that the blog has an increased appeal to it. They should also experiment with the positioning and the format of ads on their blogs. Moreover, blog owners should try different formats and structures and monitor the ways in which their revenues change. Try to keep changing the overall layout till revenues keep increasing. Even if revenues have increased and blogger find that they have reached the best possible mix, they should still keep experimenting till the ad performance keeps increasing.


These are simple strategies that can be used by blog owners to increase the revenues that their blogs generate. Through following the different methods and strategies mentioned in this article, one can surely see that revenues that are generated by blogs will increase. None of these methods are difficult. They just require a bit of inspiration and time so that one can come up with the best possible mix to generate greater revenues.