Why are board exams strenuous?


I think none of them have taken a look into this too a root level. Neither the Educational Institutional is responsible nor the Parents. Current scenario is different; students who enjoy all the facilities are not successful and a student who gets less facilities or struggle to get their basic needs succeeds. It’s not me who is telling this but it’s the data that comes out every year after exam results.

Let me take on both of them one by one.

1. Education System

 This is not responsible because to make our country competitive improvements is required. If we go back in history and check the Veda Yug. They followed same things of continuous improvements. If a student can spend time after movies, hobbies, phone calls, Watching TV, etc… there is nothing to do with education system for this. Human brain has limitations of grasping knowledge at every stage. If the students input so much of extra activities in the brain there will be no place for education. This will finally result in piling of things in the end and for them to study and give exam. Which will in-turn increase stress and dissatisfaction towards education.  And because of this system is blamed.


Every time teachers or mentors say to plan your day, week, and month. A student who has done this has always succeeded.

2. Parents

Parents are not responsible too. I believe they don’t have any other choice with them other then asking their kids to study well. Look at the inflation rate. Have you ever actually thought about how a common man can survive in current state of constant price rise. Parents can educate their kids for importance of education in their life and increase their confidence. Parents should control the extra activity time from the day one. Because the vacation gives leverage to students to enjoy for about 2 months. If a student can understand what’s happening in a movie, why can’t they understand books? The reason is their interest is diverted. 

For Students:-  Try and understand your parents and the current economy. To stand out of crowd education is important. Luck comes second. Even God helps those who help themselves. In other words. Hard work in right direct always pays back. Failing in the exam and stressing out is not a solution. Try watching Mahabharat and other mythological videos once a week. These are great inspirational sources. The ancient Gurukul was kept away from all types of facilities. And that’s the reason India has very inspiring history than anyone else in the world.

Be Modern but do not be Western, because western are looking at India for their Future.

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