New iPhone mini or Cheaper iPhones

Did anyone think that even the iPod devices can be converted t0 a new iPhone with lesser price. The new iPod has all the features of iPhone and the feature that it’s missing is calling. How about Apple would come out a new iPhone that is simply an iPod with ability to insert a SIM Card that will allow Apple customers to use the calling feature.

Apple might launch new iOS 7 that can bring this ability. The technology is not new but the iPhone will become far more cheaper than the current price and Apple can re-gain it’s market share. Current scenario has changed. There are so many new smart phone brands launching phones with 1/3 price of Apple that simply helps the consumer to think where to get 3 devices each year or use 1 iPhone. Normally consumers from the age of 16 to 24 years of age would like to change their mobile devices very open. Doesn’t mean each month but a average could be once in a year.

Therefore buying an unlocked version of iPhone for $500 doesn’t make any sense. The consumer segment will rather buy a new smartphone for $150 or max $200. Which can be changed each year.

So overall idea for Apple should to come up with a new cheaper iPhone that fit’s in budget of common man. And the target market for iPhone devices are younger people. So rather loosing potential customers Apple should give this idea a thought. Rumors already exist on the internet about cheaper iPhone devices. May be Apple will launch iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 sooner or later but this time their focus should be on price and than on features.

If you can afford an iPhone you can afford their features to use. Else it’s just on a devices that you can dream to buy.