iPad Applications

Amazing iPad applications are being presented day by day. Perhaps it’s now exploded and I’m a tad old-fashioned, however paying little heed to my absence of specialized astute, versatile applications make up a gigantic business sector and today we need to look more than a stand out among the latest patterns I’ve found in web outline iPhone and iPad application site plans.

One of the principle things you find in each one of the samples beneath is a huge iPhone or iPad picture, which fits the outline splendidly in light of the fact that it immediately tells the guest what sort of site you’re on.

One thing that you start to see after this likeness is that a considerable measure of the plans have a general web format that imitates the look and feel of the application itself. Case in point, with the Bord application, the site includes a ton of the same configuration components that the application itself highlights.

1. Desktop Connect:

Desktop Connect

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2. Team Viewer:

Free TeamViewer

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3. Flippar:


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4. Freeform:


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5. Layers:

Layers for iPad

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