iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini

Though both the iPad’s shares the same processor their use and portability is different. According to use and study iPad mini can be used for quick research, books, alternate device when you carry your laptop and if you don’t need anything too big in size. For rest all iPad Air is a good choice. iPad Air comes with a fastest processor with clear features to enhance your business in different ways. iPad Air can replace your Laptop temporarily with it’s high end browser size and visibility.

If you at home or office iPad Air is the best device that you can use. The range of tables are to many to choose from but as people know the way how IOS works, nothing matches it performance. Apple Air comes with IOS 7 loaded from the factory. The IOS 7 has more than 200 features from it’s earlier version of IOS 6. The most advanced software that you can use with the best hardware in the world.