How To Clear Dark Circles

Having dark circles under the eyes not only spoil the beauty of the face but these also age you much more than any other aging factor such as grey hair or wrinkles. There are various different reasons for the dark circles to appear under your eyes. Out of these several reasons, stress, lack of sleep and improper diet remain the three majorly prevalent ones. Sometimes, heredity, results of illnesses or some kind of allergies are the main causes of the discoloration of the skin under the eyes. What so ever reason maybe, it is important that the dark circles run away so that you can have the best looking appearance without any kind of make up creams or eye-concealers.

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There are a number of ways which you can adopt in order to get rid of the dark circles. Nevertheless, before adopting the kind of cure you should firstly assess the cause of the problem. In case you are suffering with some sort of underlying health condition then you should consult with your doctor and seek the right medical treatment for the illness because unless or until the illness is eradicated, the dark circles will remain. However, if you are having darker skin under the eyes without any medical reason then you should try any of the natural remedies to get rid of the discoloration issue.

One of the major plus points of choosing a natural remedy is that the chances of having any side effects are very less and the results of having an even toned beautified skin are high. The most popular natural remedy is the cucumber technique. Slice the cucumber and place the thick slices on your eyes such that it extends all over the eye till the darkened area. Doing this on daily basis, regularly for ten to fifteen minutes will make the puffiness and discoloration of your eyes will go away. Another effective remedy is to use cold tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in a piece of soft cloth on the eyes. This remedy has known to provide best results when done early in the morning. Tea bags can be put in the refrigerator over night for letting them become cold.

Apart from the natural remedies it holds high significance that you pay attention to your lifestyle and get rid of all the unhealthy and unwholesome habits that you have incorporated in your daily life. Make sure to get your beauty sleep. An average person needs to sleep for six to eight hours every day. In addition, sleeping at the right time and waking up early in the morning is vital. Along with getting the beauty sleep, you should always eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Drinking plenty of water helps a lot. Adequate proportions of different vitamins and minerals are also exceptionally important. In addition to eating and sleeping well, then you might also awant to get rid of unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive drinking as these are two major culprits behind stress and stress is the major culprit behind dark circles and aging.