CSS Buttons

CSS Buttons with Smooth Hover Effects

These CSS Buttons are given the best and unique hover effect to the button for your website. To give a modern look to your Website You can use this stylish buttons with elegant hover effects. Just try this and see how your website looks after adding these amazing css3 buttons.

1. Delete Button


When you click on this Button you will flip the delete button to show confirmation box. This Flip effect opens up in multiple angles when you clicked from any four sides of the button.

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2. Smooth Toggle Buttons


This toggle button is designed in pure CSS and it gives a unique effect to a button on your website.

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3. Download Button


This Download Button effect is beautiful to look at when the user clicks on a button it will show the count of downloads.

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4. Modern button styles


These set of over 50 buttons are looking amazing and great designed with CSS.

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5. Email Send Button


This Email Send Button with unique flyaway animation will be attractive to see in your website.

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6. Button Effect


This Button effect is best for who are looking for a clean and simple design for their CSS buttons for Website.

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7. Press-able Buttons


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8. Pulse Button


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9. Progressive Download Button

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10. 3D Animated Button


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