OpenCart Extensions

Commonly used OpenCart Extensions

1. Facebook Live Chat for OpenCart

Facebook Live Chat is an OpenCart module permit your Facebook live talk box on your site, guests can visit with you by means of Facebook Message. This is a simple approach to backing and keeps contact with your clients.
You can choose any administrator menu or submenu to cover up and sort it for your customer. Simply enter your Facebook fan page url. At that point you can utilize it. Very simple and no Facebook application ID require.

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2. eAssistance Pro Live Chat

eAssistance Pro is well-known live chat software that provides unlimited live chat support to online customers. It gives you a perfect answer for direct interface with your website visitors and guarantees better deals, upgraded client experience, expanded ROI. And it is also highly adaptive.
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3. Testimonials
With this extension visitors can write testimonials, comments, impressions and rate your site. You can include modules with most recent or arbitrary testimonials, with custom title (Multilanguage), with custom CSS, responsive, multicolumn.
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4. MPower payment service
It is a new payment service works with your favored advanced wallet or bank balance to offer a suitable, more secure and general better installment experience. It is simply a mobile payment transaction solution for sending a receiving payment.

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5. Featured Categories Module

With the help of this extension you can display different categories with their images. At the backend you can choose which classes you need to show. Additionally you can modify the picture size, and you can add custom heading text for the module.
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6. Shopgate Mobile Commerce

Shopgate permits you to get a mobile site for your store and in addition iOS and Android Apps! Our solution is prescribed by more than 5500 stores as it can be easily unified into your framework through a simple plugin. Integration of your shop will take few steps with no investment. Easy to install and can be ready within minutes.

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7. Twitter Timeline widget

It permits you to show your Twitter’s public histories, on your Opencart store.
You can set a limit of tweets to be displayed and the Option to show or hide replies from the timeline. You can set different themes light or dark.
As twitter, your visitors can follow you, retweet, add you as a favorite from your store.

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8. Social Discount

It is specially designed for social media (Facebook and Twitter) community/fan base to get the discount deals through spreading the message for future rich social advertising. Offer special discount (Fixed/Percentage) for liking their FB page , follow their tweeter account and etc. discount will be directly added apply once they like, follow or tweet through your social networks.

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